Thursday, June 7, 2012

That one stupid person...

Well this post is going to be really more like pictures but first I got to give you a little autobiography of this one jerk. You see this boy came into my office one day and he was like, "man, you know all those cool adventurers." And I was like yeah, (by know you should know I am the top reporter for the weekly paper, "The Weekly Adventurers,") and he said, "well I have been thinking about them and...and," he brightened, "...and I want to be one!!!" Well by know I could tell that this guy was a total idiot, so I said, "yeah well I dunno that stuff gets tricky out there, big lions and all," (I was trying to scare him but it amounted to nothing,) and then he asked something of me which I don't give easily: my help. "So lemme get this straight," I said, "you want me, to go with you and seek out random adventures to be popular???" Well I expected him to see the stupidity of his actions but he shocked me with a gay, "yup." I would have shooed him away immediatly had it not suddenly dawned on me. Here was the chance I had been waiting for. What would the readers of The Weekly Adventurers like better then the adventures of a popularity seeking ten-year old bound to fail. I will do a second post but here are some of my favorite pics. You see there up top. Lets start from the beginning, (first one on the top.) Remember if you are looking for the specifics you should be able to read them some time soon, as I am planning to do a very detailed series of posts on our adventures together. Well for starters the first one is him all geared up and ready to go, at this point he was getting on my nerves, partly because he chose to pose infront of a totally fake snake to make himself look cool. Next: here he was humiliated by a monkey i.e. ambushed with acorns and a little bit of monkey poop, along with being laughed at much to his dismay. The fact that he was a failure at climbing trees did not prove to be encouraging to him. Even I had to laugh when he pushed all a huge pile of leaves on the hippos back. And the fourth one down was the climax of our adventures, duo to his stupidity I was put into a situation where I was running for my life with a huge whatsitsname at my heels. I regret to say that a great many people were deprived of their hondas that day. And of course we had to end our trip with him getting stuck in an allegators head. Luckily, he was to far up for the monster to shut his mouth. And like I said I will be coming out with a more detailed post later the exact article which made it to the headline of the weekly adventurers.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi everybody

Well this is my first post, however I have had other blogs before. Oh, lets see, one was about an...oh I don't know. Anyway you can't find them 'cause I deleted them, and started this one. I never could have more then one thing going on at a time, maybe it's because i'm a reporter. Not like the kit kitredge kind of pyscho who isn't really one but says its like her dream and she wants to and all, nuh uh. I am a pro the real deal. I even like got my own office with a autograped picture of jack johnson. Do you hear what I am saying to you people? a picture of jack johnson with his own autograph and thats like my favorite band. But enough of that right nonow iI've gotta go.